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Spell tiME...A Charm to Break Some Troublesome Habit

Posted by Oddities e-Club Blogger: Maggie the Enchantress on 12 June 2014
Spell tiME...A Charm to Break Some Troublesome Habit


  • white egg
  • softened beeswax
  • sour red wine
  • red ink pen
  • small glass jar


  1. You must take a white egg, and puncture a hole in each end.
  2. Blow the contents of the egg out.
  3. Plug up one hole with softened beeswax.
  4. Fill the shell with sour red wine.
  5. Seal the second hole with more beeswax, and in red ink write upon the surface of the shell the name of your compulsion that you would like to be rid of.
  6. Take this egg to a place with large rocks, and repeat three times the following words:

Halls of blood where life has fled
Walls of bone that close me round
I break thy reign, thy yoke I shed
I cast they powers to the ground

  1. Hurl the egg against one of the rocks, and spill its contents upon the Earth.
  2. Gather up the broken bits of shell and take them home.
  3. Grind the broken bits of shell into a powder (use a mortar).
  4. This charmed dust should be kept within a small jar, and a pinch of it placed upon your tongue and swallowed whenever you are tempted by your compulsion.

Stay Magical!
Maggie the Enchantress

[Extract from dusana-attracthappiness.blogspot.com.au]

Author: Oddities e-Club Blogger: Maggie the Enchantress
About: Maggie is a nurturing Alice Springs publican. Born and raised in China, brought to Australia at the age of twenty one by her husband James. She runs ‘The Thirsty Dingo’ public house in Alice Springs. She is strong willed and opinionated, not easily controlled. Nothing riles Maggie as she will always keep the environment around her harmonious if possible. She only speaks when she needs to - a good listener. She is however a misguided matchmaker who believes she knows what is best for everyone involved. Maggie is one of the main characters in Sharon Ann Rowland's science-fiction fantasy book series 'The Crystal Channelers'.
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